AL Secretary Of State Ridicules Man For Asking About Voter ID Law When It Comes To An Absentee Ballot

The Independent reports:

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill used his personal Twitter account this week to mock a voter who asked about Alabama’s strict photo ID requirement for absentee voting. A constituent tweeted at Merrill Tuesday morning to ask about voting in Alabama’s July 14 runoff.

“I have found the PDF of the application and am fortunate enough to have a printer. But it also requires a copy of my drivers license. Do I have to go find a photocopier?”

Merrill, from his verified personal account, replied, “People that have a hard time figuring out the answer to that question probably need to vote in person.”

Merrill last appeared on JMG during his failed Senate bid when he blamed mass shootings on the media. Prior to that, he appeared here when he blamed “homosexual activities” for the dearth of wholesome family entertainment like Gunsmoke, which went off the air 45 years ago. When asked for an example of those homosexual activities, he cited women’s soccer.

Read the exchange below. At this writing Merrill is gleefully retweeting praise of his assholery from other racists.