Aides Explore Getting “Frustrated” Trump Out Of DC

NBC News reports:

With a “frustrated” President Donald Trump growing restless after weeks of nationwide shutdowns, his top aides and campaign officials are exploring ways to start venturing outside of Washington for events in the coming weeks.

Though national guidelines still advise Americans against taking nonessential trips and health experts warn against easing social distancing practices too soon, senior advisers are actively considering plans for the president to visit health care workers, first responders and Americans whose jobs have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The timing of any travel remains unclear but the White House sees the week of May 4 as a target for the president to start leaving Washington “in a safe and responsible way,” modeling day trips after those of Vice President Mike Pence, who traveled to both Colorado and Wisconsin this week.

On Monday, Trump laughably claimed that he hasn’t left the White House in “months.” In fact, since Feb. 1st he’s held rallies, golfed, and visited Mar-A-Lago multiple times.