Zircon & Burlap Go Truther On Coronavirus Deaths

Mediaite reports:

Fox Nation hosts Diamond & Silk raised eyebrows when a recent clip of their questioning coronavirus death tolls as part of some larger anti-Trump conspiracy went viral. During a video blog post that went up Monday, the two suggested that the rising death toll as a result of a coronavirus was not actually real, but was some conspiracy designed to damage President Trump politically.

In Diamond and Silk’s purview, only one person died in the first 39 days of the coronavirus scare, but an additional 1,000 people who “supposedly died” from the coronavirus in the past week. “Watch the numbers go up,” was then said, followed by “they want to make it look bad.” Diamond & Silk are not employed by Fox News, but their content is licensed by the network. When reached for comment, Fox News had nothing in response.