White House Bible Study Leader Blames Virus On God’s Punishment For Homosexuality And Environmentalism

Raw Story reports:

The minister who hosts a weekly bible study session for President Trump’s cabinet has an opinion about the origins of the coronavirus. According to Ralph Drollinger, it’s just another form of God’s wrath in response to an increasingly progressive nation. Drollinger railed against the “religion of environmentalism” and people who express a “proclivity toward lesbianism and homosexuality,” who he claims have infiltrated “high positions in our government, our educational system, our media and our entertainment industry” and “are largely responsible for God’s consequential wrath on our nation.”

Participants in Drollinger’s weekly bible study sessions include Mike Pence, Betsy DeVos, Alex Azar, Ben Carson, and dozens of GOP members of Congress.

Drollinger last appeared on JMG when he urged “legislators, staff members, and lobbyists” to “stop committing masturbation.”