WH Insiders Angry That RNC Chair Disclosed Illness

The New York Times reports:

The Mar-a-Lago petri dish has become a kind of metaphor for the perils of group gatherings in the age of coronavirus, demonstrating how quickly and silently the virus can spread. No one is necessarily safe from encountering it, not senators or diplomats or even the most powerful person on the planet seemingly secure in a veritable fortress surrounded by Secret Service agents.

And on Saturday, Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee who introduced Mr. Trump at a fund-raiser at Mar-a-Lago the night before Ms. Guilfoyle’s party, revealed that she had become sick and was awaiting test results to determine if she has the coronavirus.

The president has sought for weeks to play down the severity of the outbreak and been especially sensitive about giving the impression that he himself was at risk. Indeed, several advisers to Mr. Trump on Saturday privately expressed irritation at Ms. McDaniel for publicly acknowledging her illness.

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