Twitter Deletes Laura Ingraham’s Lying Virus Cure Claim

The Daily Beast reports:

Twitter on Monday morning deleted Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s viral tweet posted earlier this month touting the drug hydroxychloroquine as having been used by one New York hospital to “very promising results” and claiming that one “seriously ill” patient had a Lazarus-like recovery from the coronavirus thanks to it.

On two consecutive nights earlier this month, Ingraham hosted an oncologist she described as being “with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City” to promote the anti-malaria drug that President Donald Trump has peddled as a “game changer” in treating COVID-19.

The primetime cable star repeatedly touted the doctor’s credentials and purported findings on the drug’s effectiveness, later repeating his claims to other TV guests and on social media. But, as it turns out, the doctor is not at all employed by Lenox Hill.

Ingraham’s tweet was online for ten days.