Trump Cultist Scamvangelist Vows To Hold “Blowout National Gathering Like Woodstock” Despite The Virus

“I’m gonna announce it. We’re gonna hold an outdoor Easter blowout service. Not online. A national gathering. You come from all over, like Woodstock. And we’re gonna gather and lift up Jesus Christ. I’m not ashamed that Dr. Rodney got arrested. I’m ashamed that when they wanted to arrest preachers for having church, in the entirety of the state, there was only one to come for.” – Pastor Jonathan Shuttlesworth.

(Via The Friendly Atheist)

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Shuttlesworth declares that only “sissy pansy” churches shut down during a pandemic. Shuttlesworth declares that God will give you “supernatural protection” from the virus if you donate to his ministry. Shuttlesworth declares that red states will be spared from the coronavirus because Trump “honors Israel.” Shuttlesworth says he would still support Trump even if he ran a dog-fighting ring on Mother Theresa’s grave.