Trump At Rally: “Nobody Knew” Many Die Of The Flu

“Over the last long period of time, the flu, the common flu — you know this, right? From 27,000 to 70,000 people get infected, and many people die. Think of it — 27,000. You lose 27,000 people to the common flu. It can be much more.

“One year was much higher than the 70,000 number. Those people die. So when you lose 27,000 people a year. Nobody knew that. I didn’t know that.

“Three, four weeks ago, I was sitting down, I said, ‘What do we lose with the regular flu?’ They said about 27,000 minimum. Goes up to 70, sometimes even 80, one year it went up to 100,000 people. I said nobody told me that. Nobody knows that.” – Donald Trump, last night.