Televangelist Perry Stone: It’s No Coincidence That God Is Giving Blue States The Majority Of Coronavirus Cases

“What I am about to tell you is either the weirdest coincidence that has existed in many years, just totally by chance, or it’s a message of some kind.

“San Francisco is one of the first cities in the entire United States to actually go into self-quarantine—you know, you’ve got to stay off the street—and it is the district of a woman named Nancy Pelosi.

“New York is probably getting ready to have a shut down, which is the area of Chuck Schumer.

“California, the Los Angeles area, I just got word there is a good possibility they’re going to shut down. That’s the territory of a man named Adam Schiff, who spent years and millions of our taxpayer dollars on a lie that didn’t even exist.”

“So is it coincidence? If it is, it’s a weird one. Isn’t a strange that the state [West Virginia] that voted Trump in by 68 percent, the biggest state that voted him in, has no virus?” – Televangelist Perry Stone.

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