Surgeon General Urges People To Stop Buying Masks

Slate reports:

It seems the surgeon general has had it. And he has a simple request for Americans: Stop buying face masks. He was so serious about that message that he wrote it in all caps. “Seriously people,” Surgeon General Jerome Adams wrote on Twitter, “STOP BUYING MASKS!” Adams went on to note that masks are “NOT effective” for the general public and the demand from those who don’t need it puts healthcare providers at risk.

Healthcare professionals and government officials around the world have been calling on people to stop buying masks as some are taking advantage of the situation and sharply increasing prices, particularly on N95 masks. A 10-pack of those masks that sold for $18.20 a month ago now costs $99.99 on Amazon. Other retailers that sell for far lower prices are largely out of stock. The World Health Organization has also warned of a decrease in supply.