Super Tuesday 2.0 Primaries: All-Day Open Thread

The New York Times reports:

Tuesday’s primary contests, in six states including Missouri and Washington, are unfolding against a backdrop of high anxiety over the economic and health consequences of the coronavirus outbreak.

For most Sanders voters, plummeting stock prices matter less than the broader injustices he champions around wage inequality, health care and student loan debt.

If Mr. Sanders defies expectations in Michigan, a state he won in the 2016 primary, it will be because his all-out efforts here over the last four days succeeded in broadening his support, reversing the demographic trends that broke against him on Super Tuesday.

Use this post to tell us about your experiences at the polls and to share news about races in your home state. I’ll bump this post to the top of the page throughout the day. If you voted early and your candidate has since dropped out, tell us about it.