Scamvangelist Kenneth Copeland “Executes Judgment” On The Coronavirus: “It Is Finished, It Is Over” [VIDEO]

“In the name of Jesus, standing in the office of the prophet of God, I execute judgment on you, COVID-19! I execute judgment on you, Satan! You destroyer! You killer! You get out! You would break your power! You get off this nation! I demand judgment on you! I demand — I demand — I demand a vaccination to come immediately!

“I call you dark! I call you doggone! You come down… from your place of authority! Destroyer! You come down and you crawl on your belly, like God commanded you when He put His foot on your head in the Garden of Eden. You will destroy through COVID-19 no more! It! Is! Finished! It! Is! Over!” – Kenneth Copeland.

Copeland recently appeared on JMG when he conducted coronavirus faith-healing through the television screen and when he declared that fearing the virus “gives the devil a pathway into your body.”

(Via The Friendly Atheist)