Sarah Palin Raps Baby Got Back On The Masked Singer

Variety reports:

We can bear-ly believe it: Former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin was unmasked as the Bear on Wednesday night’s edition of “The Masked Singer,” and her song choice was… well, unexpected.

Palin, who performed “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix A Lot in the episode, told host Nick Cannon that “to not be able to see much of anything out of this is really nice. It takes the sharp edges off the world. Everything looks a little softer, nicer. I needed this.”

Why the bear? “The bear is part of my nickname growing up and the whole ‘Mama Bear’ thing, and they’re in Alaska. They’re in their front yards. Bear was easy. I was so appreciative of ‘The Masked Singer,’ they let me exploit men. I changed the lyrics and it was all about men.”