#QAnon Nutbag Liz Crokin: The Virus Is A Cover For The Military To Make Mass Arrests Under Martial Law

“I do believe that when these mass arrests happen that we will be in martial law for our own safety. I believe that the coronavirus, which the president of the United States and many doctors have said is no more serious than the flu, is the cover to put the country into lockdown.

“Just like Italy is in lockdown—to possibly declare martial law, get people off the streets, keep them in their homes, so they’re safe so when the military and the National Guard sweeps in and conducts these mass arrests, it is done in a manner where people are kept safe.

“Since 2017, Q has been talking about these mass arrests, and Q has also been talking about how when these mass arrests happen.

There will probably be many days of darkness, social media might go down, the National Guard is going to come in, and the military will be used to arrest these people. That is what I believe is happening right now.” – Leading QAnon nutbag Liz Crokin.

Crokin has been banned by Twitter, in part, for making wild accusations of pedophilia and cannibalism against major celebrities. She has sneaked back on multiple times under different usernames. Her YouTube clips regularly get hundreds of thousands of views.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Liz Croking claims Tom Hanks is a pedophile who made a move about shoes made out of baby skin. Liz Crokin reveals that Rachel Maddow’s medical boot is hiding an ankle monitor. Liz Crokin declares the 2020 Democratic primary to be “moot” because all the candidates will be in prison for sex crimes. Liz Crokin predicts that the college admissions scandal will prove that Hollywood celebrities “eat babies.” Crokin claims Trump purposely misspelled “hamburger” to mock Obama and his “Satanist pals.” Crokin claims Hollywood celebrities set California’s wildfires to cover up evidence of their pedophilia. Crokin claims California mudslides were God’s punishment to Oprah for being anti-Trump. Crokin claims that all of Trump’s “loudest critics” are involved in pedophilia and that one-third of all elected officials are “Satanic cannibals” who “drink the blood of children.” Crokin declares that she knows Jesus Christ is real because demons gave her dog bloody diarrhea. Crokin made national headlines in 2018 when she accused model Chrissy Teigen and her husband, pop star John Legend, of being involved in pedophilia.