Pete Buttigieg To Endorse Joe Biden In Dallas Tonight

The Dallas Morning News reports:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar abruptly quit the presidential race on Monday and threw her support to Joe Biden, as centrist Democrats began banding together in an effort to stop Sen. Bernie Sanders. She will join Biden in Dallas on Monday night for a rally at Gilley’s honkytonk on the eve of Super Tuesday, as the former vice presidents plays catch-up with the democratic socialist and tries to fend off billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

The field has winnowed dramatically in the last few days, with billionaire Tom Steyer dropping out on Saturday, followed by Pete Buttigieg, who jilted supporters in Dallas who were awaiting his rally at a downtown park by flying home to South Bend, Ind., and announcing he was ending his campaign. Flight records showed a charter flight heading from South Bend to Dallas on Monday evening, and news outlets reported that Buttigieg, too, planned to appear with Biden.