Pastor Jazz Hands: It’s Repent Of LGBT Sin Month

Via press release from Christian Newswire:

Why should people repent of LGBT sin? “God’s love shows it is urgent to repent, because the Bible teaches homosexuals lose their souls and God destroys LGBT societies,” said Steven Andrew.

“Obeying God protects the USA from diseases, such as the Coronavirus.” These are reasons why Andrew declared March as “Repent of LGBT Sin Month.”

Families, individuals and churches are participating in this event. Andrew has shared the Gospel with over 80 million people and is leading the USA to reaffirm America’s Christian nation covenant.

Andrew is “on a mission from God” for people to “learn what God’s love and truth say about LGBT by reading Romans 1:22-32, Deuteronomy 22:5 and Jude 7.”

Pastor Jazz Hands earned his nickname years ago on JMG because he is the nelliest Miss Thing to crack a bible since Ladybird Bachmann. Watch and see for yourself.

He last appeared here in March 2019 when he launched the “long-awaited Christian alternative to Facebook” – which has since apparently languished.