OHIO: Lawmakers Approve Move To All-Mail Primary

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports:

Ohio lawmakers on Wednesday approved a plan for an all-mail primary election running through April 28, the state legislature’s fix to wrap things up after the original March 17 Election Day was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The bipartisan plan, approved unanimously by the House and Senate, would send postcards to every Ohioan with instructions on how to apply for an absentee ballot. Anyone who hasn’t cast an early ballot already would have to print off a paper application, or call their county elections and request one be mailed to them, and mail it in.

Elections officials then would mail an empty ballot with a postage-paid envelope. Voters would have until April 27 to mail it back or drop it off at at a curbside county ballot box, and votes would be counted on April 28.

Gov. Mike DeWine says he will sign the bill.