NC Paper: Why Won’t “Toxic” Richard Burr Go Away?

From the editorial board of the Charlotte Observer:

Seven days have passed since news reports revealed how U.S. Sen Richard Burr profited off the coronavirus while failing to warn his constituents at the early, critical stages of the crisis. It has not been a good week. Burr has been abandoned by fellow Republicans, some of whom have called for his resignation.

He’s been sued by a shareholder of Wyndham Hotels & Suites for selling off $150,000 of that company’s stock.  The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued a statement that, while not using Burr’s name, warned members of Congress about doing what the senator is accused of doing — trading off privileged information and briefings.

He is toxic to his party. He is embarrassing to North Carolina. Clearly, his problems are not going to go away. So why isn’t he? At the moment we needed him most, Richard Burr was thinking mostly about himself. One week later, that hasn’t changed.

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