MICHIGAN: Detroit Free Press Endorses Joe Biden

From the editorial board of the Detroit Free Press:

Joe Biden has sustained some significant self-inflicted wounds during his long Washington tenure. His penchant for verbal miscues is legendary. More concerning is his defense of his son Hunter’s lucrative appointment to the board of a Ukrainian energy company, an arrangement that undercut his U.S. efforts to combat cronyism and self-dealing in that country.

Still, Biden’s manifest resilience and capacity for self-healing bode well for the gargantuan task of restoring decency, competence and credibility to the White House.

No Democrat, Republican or third-party loyalist need fear him; his election would imperil only the poisonous mixture of cynicism, contempt and distrust that pervade American political life in the age of Donald Trump. Michigan Democrats, and Americans across the political spectrum, are fortunate that he is available in our hour of national need.