Majority Of NC Voters Say GOP Sen. Burr Should Resign

Just in from Public Policy Polling:

PPP’s newest North Carolina poll finds that a majority of North Carolinians think Richard Burr should resign, and that his approval numbers have plummeted since revelations last week about his stock sales in the wake of the coronavirus.

50% of voters in the state think Burr should resign to 24% who think he should remain in office. Democrats (63/15) and independents (53/18) both think he should resign by wide margins but what might be most surprising is that even Republicans (31/38) only narrowly say Burr doesn’t need to resign.

Only 22% of voters approve of the job Burr’s doing to 54% who disapprove. When PPP last polled on him in June he had a 32/36 approval spread- since then his disapproval is up 18 points and his approval has dropped by 10 points.

When voters are informed later in the poll about his 1.7 million dollars in stock sales, 69% say that gives them ‘very serious’ concerns about him and support for his resignation goes up to 60%, with 22% opposed.