Limbaugh: Who Cares If The Coronavirus Is 10x More Lethal Than Flu, That’s A “Meaningless Comparative”

“The very top headline on the Drudge page right now is this: ‘Top Doc: Virus 10 Times More Lethal Than the Flu.’ Now, wait. That’s not the – they’re burying the lede. That headline is gonna scare people to death. It’s an outrageous headline.

“It’s not Drudge’s headline. The website is called The Week. ‘Coronavirus Is 10 Times More Lethal Than the Seasonal Flu, Trump’s Task Force Immunologist Says.’ That’s not the point of the story. Do you know what’s really the point of the story? The fatality rate is just 1% from this disease! So who cares if it’s 10 times more lethal than the flu?

“Ten times more lethal? Lethal than what? What does lethal mean? Does lethal kill you? Does lethal infect you? Does lethal give you a temperature of 102 versus 100? What does it do to you? It’s a meaningless comparative. Ten times more lethal? The only thing worth knowing in this story is that Anthony Fauci says the fatality rate to coronavirus is much less than what they believed.

“So what the hell is the point of a headline that says the coronavirus is 10 times more lethal than the flu, if what that means is the fatality rate is actually much less than we thought it was? It isn’t 3 to 6%. It’s 1% tops.

“So, no, I’m not apologizing for one damn way I’ve approached this today, and I’m not gonna apologize. Not that anybody’s demanding, anyway.” – Rush Limbaugh, who has also said that secondhand smoke is harmless and that it takes 50 years of smoking to get cancer. Ahem.