Limbaugh Suggests Hospitalizations Are Exaggerated

“One of the things that interests me is the hospitalization numbers. Because if you look at Drudge, if you look at the drive-by media, you would believe there is not a single hospital bed in this country, right? You have been led to believe that every hospital is overflowing. That dead bodies are in body bags and refrigerated trucks that are being parked off to landfills or whatever.

“Why aren’t the hospitalization numbers being reported to us? I mean, if you go to New York, a field hospital is being built in Central Park! We’ve got the Mercy ship that floated in there.

“They’re clearly trying to create the impression that we don’t have any hospitals. We’re so overflowing with cases, that we don’t have any hospitals. So much of this has been politicized, folks, that it’s just impossible anymore to actually find factual truth.” – Rush Limbaugh, joining the “empty hospitals” claims launched over the weekend by shitbag Todd Starnes.