Liberty Counsel: Send Us Money So We Can Stop The “Tyrannical” Arrests Of Pastors For Violating Lockdowns

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

The rights enumerated in the United States Constitution and Florida law STILL apply to people of faith. No other secular business has done what this church has done to protect its people. Yet, Hillsborough County and Sheriff Chronister want to openly discriminate against church gatherings.

America is in the fight for her life right now – not against a virus that has so far caused fewer deaths worldwide than car accidents or tuberculosis – but against the anti-Christian, petty tyrants who, unable to steal YOUR freedom in the good times of broad daylight, now seek to use panic and fear to force you into compliance.

And when you don’t comply, they will turn every governmental mechanism against you even as they raise public outcry to condemn you. THIS IS HOW LIBERTY IS LOST.

How Pastor Howard-Browne was treated and vilified by the Sheriff is unbelievable. This does not look like America. This church has done what no business has done to protect people, but these government tyrants want to crush religious gatherings no matter what.

The cost of losing freedom is worth the fight. That is why we provide all our services at no cost. We WILL NOT stand by idly as anti-Christians and petty local tyrants try to suffocate and silence the church.

We WILL NOT stand by idly as Republicans and Democrats alike shred the United States Constitution. My only question now is, will you stand with us?

Staver’s email contains seven separate links to the Liberty Counsel donation page screencapped below.