Hobby Lobby: Come To Work, God Will Protect You

Heavy.com reports:

While America hunkers down under “Safer at Home” orders to fight the pandemic spread of coronavirus, the Christian owned Hobby Lobby stores, as of March 21, remained open. After a letter to employees from David Green went viral on Twitter, in which he says wife Barbara is a “prayer warrior” amid “this war with this latest virus,” users online were not happy with the arts and crafts stores billionaire owner.

What’s largely causing a riotous response on Twitter is Green’s indication that if employees pray, they will be fine amid coronavirus. In the letter, Green shared what he must’ve assumed would be a reassuring story about his wife Barbara:

“In her quiet prayer time this past week, the Lord put on Barbara’s heart three profound words to remind us that He’s in control. Guide, Guard, and Groom. We serve a God who will guide us through this storm, who will Guard us as we travel to places never seen before, and who, as a result of this experience, will Groom us to be better than we could have ever thought possible before now.”