GOP Rep Tests Positive, Fifth Member Of Congress

Just in via press release:

Earlier, this week, U.S. Representative Mike Kelly began experiencing flu-like symptoms and consulted his doctor, who ordered a test for COVID-19. His test came back positive this afternoon. From his home in Butler, Pennsylvania, Representative Kelly issued this statement:

“When I started experiencing mild flu-like symptoms earlier this week, I consulted my primary care physician. My doctor ordered a test for COVID-19, which I obtained at the drive-through testing site at Butler Memorial Hospital. My test came back positive this afternoon. Thank you to my doctor Bill DiCuccio and the staff at Butler Memorial for their excellent care. My symptoms remain mild, and I will serve the 16th district from home until I fully recover. ”

While awaiting his test results, Kelly was not in Washington for the House vote on the third coronavirus relief package. Had he been present, he would have voted in favor of the CARES Act.

Kelly last appeared on JMG when he compared Trump’s impeachment to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. His first appearance here came in 2014 when he tried to present President Obama with a literal lump of coal. And you may remember his declaration that he is a person of color because white is a color. In April 2018 he introduced a bill that would make it legal nationwide for adoption agencies to refuse same-sex couples.