Fox Host Shrugs Off Virus Concerns: I’m More Worried About Stepping On A Used Heroin Needle In California

“The sky is falling because we have a few dozen cases of coronavirus on a cruise ship? And now we have a shortage of masks, we have toilet paper, hand sanitizer and cleaning products flying off the shelves as people prepare for impending doom.

“Did y’all not wash your hands before? I’m actually rather disturbed it took a coronavirus outbreak to motivate people to practice basic hygiene. My goodness. Oh, and P.S., Californians — if you’re worried about hygiene, health and sanitation, I wouldn’t leave your doorstep given the fact we have much, much bigger issues with cleanliness all across this wonderful state.

“We haven’t always had a toilet paper shortage in the Golden State, but you’d think so, given the fact we have a rather serious issue with public defecation.

“And call me crazy, but I am far more concerned with stepping on a used heroin needle than I am getting the coronavirus, but maybe that’s just me. Yeah, I do think we have far bigger problems in this state than a docked cruise ship and some coronavirus.” – Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren.