Former 8Chan Operator Launches #QAnon Super PAC

Vice News reports:

The followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory now have their very own super PAC. Disarm the Deep State is a fund established by Jim Watkins, the operator of the hate-filled message board 8chan that the mysterious leader of the QAnon conspiracy theory has made his home.

The fund’s website says it’s the first super PAC “dedicated to removing shadow government actors” and that its mission is to “mobilize a community of patriots in order to remove power from Deep State members.”

Documents submitted to the Federal Election Commission last week show that Watkins is being helped by Benjamin Barr, an attorney who represented Watkins when he gave evidence to Congress last year and who is heavily involved in the right-wing Project Veritas group.

At least 30 QAnon nutbags are running for the US House.