Dennis Prager: This Lockdown Is Like Appeasing Nazis

“If Andrew Cuomo or the Andrew Cuomo attitude prevailed, we wouldn’t have fought the Nazis. We wouldn’t have fought the Japanese fascists. That attitude that the only value is saving a life, that attitude leads to appeasement. It must. It leads to cowardice, it has to. No one can die? Then it’s not a war.” – Right wing commentator and anti-LGBT activist Dennis Prager, on today’s radio show.

Prager last appeared on JMG when he declared it to be “disgusting” that he can’t use the N-word without punishment.

Before that we quoted him on JMG when he declared LGBT activism to be worse than slavery.

That same week he claimed that young men grow beards because “the left has crapped on masculinity.”

Prior to that we quoted his declaration that “leftism makes people meaner.”

And before that, he was quoted here when he told his followers that sending their children to college will only “alienate them from Jesus and America.”