Christian Site: Pastor Can Heal Pancreatic Cancer Over The Phone And “The Whole Thing Takes 15 Seconds”

Just in from the reliably insane Charisma News:

Pastor Jim Kibler says he healed a woman of pancreatic cancer over the phone. He spoke to her on speaker phone, with her husband standing there in the hospital with her, and commanded the spirit of death to leave her. Kibler says all sickness is due to oppression of Satan.

“I said, ‘In the name of Jesus, I break that generational curse of cancer in your family and in your life,'” Kibler says.

“‘I break the curse of the Law in your life. I command the spirit of death to leave you. I command those evil spirits or evil spirit inside that tumor on your pancreas to come out and go away and not come back, in Jesus’ name. “That was it. The whole thing didn’t take 15 seconds.”