BRITAIN: Woman Jailed For Stalking Man On Grindr, Sent His Intimate Photos To His Family, His Colleagues

The Guardian reports:

A woman has been jailed for posing as a man on a gay dating app and sharing sexual photos and videos of a man she met online during a “disturbing campaign of harassment”.

Yannick Glaudin, 31, stalked the man and his then boyfriend, sending their families, friends and colleagues the intimate pictures and films using a number of fake identities, Inner London crown court was told. Police and Crimestoppers were contacted on multiple occasions over false claims, including of assault and paedophilia, against one man, while his friends were warned he had a “bounty on his head”.

Glaudin, who had evaded justice for more than a year after fleeing to her native France, admitted to her crimes. She was sentenced to 13 months in prison on Monday.

Metro Weekly reports:

During their contact, she was able to obtain the victim’s phone number, email address, and C.V., as well as “a number of intimate and personal pictures and videos,” according to prosecutor John McNamara.

She also made a false report to police, pretending to be the victim’s boss and “stating that he had seen videos of underage sex on a laptop,” McNamara said.

Glaudin also emailed the initial victim a photo of him accessing public transport, and allegedly directed men to the victim’s flat — which he shared with his then-boyfriend — with the men “looking for sex” after reportedly speaking to someone with the victim’s name.