Brian Brown: Send Me Money So We Can Make Sure Stimulus Bill Doesn’t “Cram Though” Any LGBT Rights

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

The Democrats’ legislation runs over 1400 pages. We need to scour it to make sure that they do not try to use the crisis to cram through elements of the extreme LGBT agenda. We are reviewing the legislation as I write this.

This is no time for liberal extremists to do as Rahm Emanuel famously once urged – to use any crisis as an opportunity to get things passed that otherwise would never pass. NOM is on the front lines fighting against the imposition of the extreme LGBT agenda on the American people. We could really use your help during this difficult time.

We have just until April 15th to raise $50,000 to take full advantage of a matching gift opportunity that will end then. Every contribution we receive will be matched 100%, doubling in size and effectiveness. But because of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, we are far behind our goal. That’s why I am turning to you today for help. Can I count on your support to close the gap?

As is their years-long tradition, the email contains 22 separate links to NOM’s donation page.