Bloomberg Mulls Dropping Out After Dismal Showing

Axios reports:

Never in American history has a presidential candidate spent more to get less than Mike Bloomberg, making his buy-a-nomination bid a big bust. Why it matters: Bloomberg spent $600 million to win as many states as every American who chose not to run: zero. (He has American Samoa to show for it.)

Fellow billionaire Tom Steyer got off — and out — cheap by spending less than half that much to tie Bloomberg in states won. Look for Bloomberg to drop out as soon as this morning, and try to save face by promising to spend a helluva lot more to defeat President Trump with someone other than him.

Bloomberg returned to New York after speaking in West Palm Beach last night. Sources expect him to address staff at his headquarters today. He doesn’t want history to remember him as the spoiler who helps Sanders win the nomination, or hands re-election to Trump.