Joe Biden Issues Sweeping LGBTQ Rights Plan, Includes Reversing Trump Admin’s “Religious Freedom” Policies

Chris Johnson reports at The Washington Blade:

Biden’s plan is consistent with priorities on LGBTQ rights Biden has articulated on the campaign trail, including making the Equality Act, international LGBTQ human rights and banning conversion therapy nationwide his top priorities.

But the plan goes into further detail, pledging to apply laws against sex discrimination to cases of anti-LGBTQ discrimination, creating a third-gender option on U.S. government documents and reversing Trump administration policies enabling anti-LGBTQ discrimination in the name of religious freedom.

Drawing on Biden’s expertise in foreign policy, the plan goes into significant detail on the candidate’s pledge to advance LGBTQ human rights overseas, asserting Biden spoke out against anti-LGBT abuses in Chechnya, El Salvador, Malaysia and Uganda.

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