Biden And Sanders Both +7 Over Trump In New Poll

The Economist reports:

Both Democratic presidential candidates, former Vice President Joe Biden (D) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) beat out President Trump in a new national poll among voters.

The poll, released by The Economist/YouGov, found that 48 percent of registered voters would cast their vote for Biden “if an election for president were going to be held now” between Biden and Trump. Forty-one percent of voters chose Trump, and 4 percent responded that they would vote for “other.”

Five percent of voters polled said they are not sure, and two percent said they would not vote. In a race between Sanders and Trump, 48 percent of survey respondents also said they would choose the Vermont senator over the president. Forty-one percent said they would vote for Trump, while three percent said they would vote for “other” if given the option.