Alex Jones Sells “Stopgap” Supplements Against Virus

“OK, I get the point that if you stop big events that will stop the super fast spread, but then a lot of models show it will still spread regardless, it will just take longer to get where it was originally going to go. So controlling people is a stopgap.

“But having antivirals, getting your immune system healthy, that is the answer. And yes, folks, we sell great antivirals like DNA Force Plus or great other systems out there that empower the mitochondrial DNA.

“And our SilverSol products like the Superblue toothpaste and other products. That is literally a stopgap against this.” – Alex Jones, on today’s webcast.

Media Matters notes that Jones is warning that coronavirus panic will inevitably lead to cannibalism. And he’s doubled the prices of bulk food items in the Infowars online store.