Virologist Shuts Down Steve Bannon On “Engineered” Coronavirus Claims: “What A Load Of Crap” [VIDEO]

“OK, I’m going to address this one last time. Viruses, a lot of viruses have what are called hyper variable regions. This helps the virus find a new host, it’s a survival advantage. Everybody’s looked at these sequences.

“If there was something definitely there, there’d be a rash of scientists speaking out about it. There’s not a rash of scientists speaking out about it, there’s a couple crackpot websites and people are grabbing this and running with it. People are getting scared, OK?

“You don’t just come on radio and say, ‘Oh, I’ve looked at the sequencing, and I think, you know, this is engineered.’ What a load of crap.” – Virologist Dr. Steven Hatfill, on Steve Bannon’s radio show.