Trump Tells South Carolina GOP Rally Crowd To Vote In Dem Primary For “Weakest Candidate” Bernie Sanders

CNN reports:

President Donald Trump suggested his supporters in South Carolina cast their primary ballots for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during his rally Friday, the second straight Democratic primary in which he’s suggested his supporters get involved.

“Are you ready? Let’s do it together,” Trump said. “First we have to figure out who would be the weakest candidate, and then if it’s legal — if it’s permissible by law,” the President said, railing against legal “booby traps” that he said punish Republicans disproportionately.

Trump proceeded to cast a poll — judged by crowd noise — by listing off Democratic candidates. One by one he ran through the field, though notably skipping Pete Buttigieg, asking the crowd who they would most like to see him run against. The loudest cheers were overwhelmingly for Sanders.