Trump Misquotes Article To Call Himself “The King”

Mediaite reports:

President Donald Trump proudly broadcast a quote from New York Times reporter Peter Baker assessing Trump’s political status following his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial — from an article whose headline called Trump “stained in history.”

That quote came from a February 1 “news analysis” article entitled “While Stained in History, Trump Will Emerge From Trial Triumphant and Unshackled,” which looked ahead to Trump’s then-impending acquittal.

Witnesses were not permitted at Trump’s trial because Republicans voted not to allow them, and Trump’s White House refused to provide documents that were subpoenaed.

The Hill reports:

“Ralph Waldo Emerson seemed to foresee the lesson of the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump. ‘When you strike at a king,’ Emerson famously said, ‘you must kill him,’” read the opening lines from the article Trump quoted. “Mr. Trump’s foes struck at him but did not take him down.”

Shortly after Trump quoted the piece, the phrase “YOU ARE NOT A KING” began trending in the United States, with more than 17,000 tweets as of 11 a.m.