SF Bay Area Newspapers Endorse Amy Klobuchar

From the editorial board of the San Jose Mercury News:

The United States needs a president who can heal the nation’s deep political divide — who can work with, and appeal to, members of both parties and independents. Someone with a proven record of collaboration who can meaningfully address climate change, provide health care for all, achieve responsible gun control, resolve the bitterness over immigration, protect our environment, address tech privacy and anti-trust issues, and regain international respect for our country.

And someone who can change the tone and tenor of our national politics. The Democratic candidate who can best do that is Amy Klobuchar. Klobuchar is gaining traction because she has become more effective and articulate with each debate. Voters are realizing that she has the energy, character, compassion, intelligence and common sense to win in November. Californians should support Klobuchar.

This endorsement was also published today by the East Bay Times, which has the same editorial board. California is a Super Tuesday state with 494 delegates up for grabs.