Red-Caped Catholic Loons: America Is Now “Officially” Sodom And Gomorrah, Only The Rosary Can Save Us

Via press release from Tradition, Family, & Property:

Tragically, homosexual “marriage” is legal in America. And in this sense, America has become like Sodom and Gomorrah (not in our hearts, but only an official level). Since you are a God-fearing soul, I don’t need to explain to you what this means for the future of America and our children.

In good conscience, you and I cannot remain indifferent to this national sin that brings down God’s wrath. But how can we fight back? By the supernatural power of the Holy Rosary. Because there is no problem, no matter how grave, that the rosary cannot solve, as the Blessed Mother told Sister Lucia of Fatima.

So, we MUST turn to the rosary to win this historic spiritual battle. That’s why we’re planning rosary rallies all across America at noon on Saturday, March 21st. We will beg Our Lord, Our Lady and Saint Joseph to favor true marriage and the traditional family. We will beg God to hear the cry of His people.

You are invited to be a rosary captain, which simply means to lead a rosary in a public place with a few friends. It’s simple. We had over 21,000 rosary rallies last October in the Public Square. Let’s do 3,000 for traditional marriage now!