Prophetess: Pray In Tongues So Jesus Can Hear You

Kathy DeGraw writes for Charisma News:

How can we pray differently—not better—to increase our prayer time and communication with the Lord? Praying in the Spirit should be a daily practice for us as Christians. Praying in the Spirit is the Holy Spirit releasing the perfect prayer that He knows needs to be prayed and released on your behalf.

Praying in tongues is instrumental in releasing our destiny. The Holy Spirit has an entire language inside you that needs to be released.

Praying in tongues is still for today and has not ceased. It is our spirit connecting to the Holy Spirit, releasing the kingdom of God here on earth. I know people who pray in tongues all the time, but never speak out a prayer in their native language. We also need to be talking to Jesus with natural words in our mind to keep a strong relationship with Him.

There is value in silent prayer to get the intake of what we should output in prayer. And we should be praying in tongues. Therefore, I suggest to go throughout your day, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you.

Last month Prophetess DeGraw revealed to us that Jesus performed her root canal, enabling her to enjoy dessert in her favorite restaurant. She also advised us that depression is caused by demons. Before that, DeGraw appeared on JMG when she warned that “Satanists and witches” take power over your children when they eat cursed Halloween candy. And prior to that, we heard her warning about demons in backyard swimming pools.