NJ White Supremacist Terror Threat At Highest Level

NBC News New York reports:

New Jersey Homeland Security officials have increased the threat level for white supremacist extremists to its highest level possible, according to a new report. The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness has boosted the threat level from white supremacy groups from moderate — where it was listed in 2019 — to high for 2020, the new report released Friday reads. The only other group to receive that dubious distinction are homegrown violent extremists.

The decision to put white supremacists at the highest possible level comes after a number of threats and attacks in 2019, including the El Paso attack that left 22 people dead and two dozen more injured. “Homeland security and law enforcement professionals at all levels have taken notice of the rise in activity from white supremacist extremists,” said Jared Maples, the Director of the NJOHSP, in the report.