Mike Pompeo Ridicules Pelosi With Simpsons Image

The Hill reports:

A former writer for “The Simpsons” on Wednesday ripped Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for using a snapshot from the show to knock Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), saying “please do not ever ever ever use Simpsons material in your twitter or watch the show or refer to it in any way.”

Bill Oakley, along with his writing partner Josh Weinstein, was the executive producer and showrunner during the seventh and eighth seasons of the long-running animated sitcom.

He took to Twitter after President Trump’s State of the Union to make the request of Pompeo, who tweeted an image of Lisa Simpson tearfully ripping up a sheet of paper — an apparent dig at Pelosi after the Speaker tore a copy of the president’s speech at the end of the address Tuesday night.