Massive Anti-MTA Protest Snarls Grand Central, Many Arrested, Turnstiles Vandalized W/Glue, Paint [VIDEO]

CBS News reports:

There were multiple arrests after protesters gathered at Grand Central before taking to the streets Friday night. Police struggled to hold back the elbow-to-elbow protesters covering the main floor of Grand Central Terminal.

The group started gathering just after 5 p.m., many wearing masks and carrying anti-police posters. Some tried to hang banners in the terminal, all aiming to disrupt the evening commute.

Three masked members of the protest group could be seen in a Twitter video encouraging people to skip fares, damage turnstiles and engage in a mass sabotage of the MTA, pointing followers toward a demonstration at Grand Central. The group says it wants to abolish subway fares and get rid of police patrols in the transit system.

The New York Post reports:

The agitators — who want police completely out of the subways and transit to be free — secured emergency gates open with bike locks, zip-ties and violin strings, rendered turnstiles useless with glue and spray paint and littered buses, stations and trains with “Fuck cops, fuck MTA,” “Free transit ” and other anti-cop, anti-MTA messages.

“We encourage you to link up with your friends, your family and think of the ways you can move in affinity to fuck shit up on J-31 all day long,” a masked man said in a video posted to the Twitter page of “Decolonize This Place,” the group organizing the demonstrations, ahead of the day of protests.

Watch the video at the bottom. Whoa.