Lev Parnas Releases More Damning Photos Of Giuliani

CNN reports:

Stored in devices seized from Lev Parnas by law enforcement, there’s a 34-second cell phone video of Rudy Giuliani relishing a bullfight. There are also photos of Donald Trump’s personal attorney posing with two matadors, a flamenco dancer twirling her skirt and an image of the father of Venezuela’s opposition leader beside a tray of hors d’oeuvres on the lawn of a Spanish castle. The videos and photographs of Giuliani’s trip to Spain show the efforts Parnas went through to document and save a trove of information.

According to Parnas, (and Firtash in a November interview with the New York Times) Giuliani directed Parnas to tell Firtash that Joseph di Genova and Victoria Toensing would represent him and could get his case in front of Attorney General William Barr, if Firtash could hand over information on Joe Biden that would be helpful for the 2020 election. CNN reported last month that Di Genova and Toensing, friends of Giuliani’s, did get a face-to-face meeting with Barr to discuss Firtash, who is facing extradition on bribery charges.

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