Hackers Exploit Giuliani’s Typos To Plant Malware

CNET reports:

Sometimes, typing the wrong letter for a website address means sending visitors to a 404 page. When you’re Rudy Giuliani, it means potentially sending hundreds of thousands of followers straight to a virus. Hackers have been taking advantage of typos in tweets by the former New York City mayor, buying the mistyped domain names and redirecting visitors to a fake page designed to spread malware rather than to the original page that Giuliani had meant to type.

Typo-squatting is a common threat online. Hackers buy up domain names similar to those of popular websites in the hopes that someone misses a letter, ends up on their fake page and gets infected. But while those attacks target the general public, Giuliani’s typos open up an avenue where hackers can directly target his more than 654,000 followers — including politicians, journalists, and members of the Trump Organization like Donald Trump Jr. — who would be exposed to his malware-laced typos.

Read the full article. As the kids say, LOL.