Ex-Gov: Giuliani Asked Me To Cancel Post-9/11 Election

The New York Post reports:

He wanted to be “America’s mayor” a whole lot longer. Rudy Giuliani secretly asked then-New York Gov. George Pataki to cancel New York City’s 2001 mayoral election so he could remain in office following the Sept. 11 terror attack, a new book reveals.

The bombshell revelation is contained in Pataki’s upcoming memoir of 9/11, “Beyond the Great Divide: How A Nation Became A Neighborhood.” Following an exchange of the “usual formalities,” Giuliani “dropped a bomb,” Pataki writes.

“Governor, you have extraordinary powers to extend my term in office,” Giuliani said. Pataki’s “heart sank,” he writes, noting that he initially backed the idea of repealing term limits so Giuliani, a fellow Republican, could seek a third term, but quickly realized it was a “bad idea both as a matter of principle and politically.”

This feel like old news to me, but maybe I’m just remembering hearing rumors about Giuliani’s plan.