Ex-Gay Torture Pastor Appeals Vimeo Ban Ruling

Via press release from Christian Newswire:

Southern California Christian pastor has appealed a NY federal judge’s decision to dismiss his sexual orientation and religious discrimination case against Vimeo. Tyler & Bursch, LLP has filed the appeal today on behalf of Pastor Jim Domen, a “former” homosexual, and Church United, the religious non-profit organization founded by Domen.

“This case is significant because this district court and a few other lower courts have interpreted the federal Communications Decency Act to give immunity to Big Tech whenever such a company commits unconscionable discrimination in their online filtering decisions against protected classes of individuals – for example, classifications based on race, religion, color creed or sexual orientation,” said attorney Robert Tyler, Partner at Tyler & Bursch, LLP and President of Advocates for Faith & Freedom, a nonprofit religious liberty firm.

Pastor Domen identifies as a “former” homosexual who is now married with three children. This lawsuit claims that Church United’s account was removed by Vimeo because Vimeo disapproves of Pastor Domen’s sexual orientation and religion. Did Congress really intend in 1996 to immunize social media and internet platforms if a platform decides to ban persons from their platform based on race, sexual orientation or religion? Tyler & Bursch attorneys and Pastor Jim Domen don’t believe so.

Vimeo banned ex-gay torture advocacy in 2014.

From Domen’s lawyers:

Advocates for Faith & Freedom is a non-profit law firm dedicated to protecting constitutional and religious liberty in the courts.

Our mission is to engage in cases that will uphold our religious liberty and America’s heritage and to educate Americans about our fundamental constitutional rights.  We recognize that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

In today’s culture, that foundation is slowly being eroded by legal challenges to traditional family structure, religious freedom, basic property rights, and parental rights, and by other court decisions that have created a society increasingly devoid of the message and influence of God.