Elizabeth Warren Dominates At Fiery Debate [VIDEO]

The Washington Examiner reports:

After a lackluster performance in New Hampshire, Elizabeth Warren brought the heat during the Nevada debate. The Massachusetts senator, 70, asserted herself to drive home her message that she would stand for working families if elected to the White House while also attacking Michael Bloomberg over his record and some of her center-left rivals for their stances, for example, against “Medicare for all.”

After the debate wrapped up, CNN political commentator Van Jones said Warren, who spoke the most, with 16.35 minutes, made the night a “disaster” for Bloomberg in what was the former New York City mayor’s maiden outing on a primary debate stage. “Bloomberg went in as the Titanic, billionaire-dollar machine Titanic. Titanic meet iceberg ‘Elizabeth Warren.’ She took him to task in a way that I’ve never seen in a debate,” he said on-air.

#WarrenForTheWin is still #1 on Twitter this morning.