Christian Activist Wonders If The NFL’s Pornographic Halftime Show Opened A Demonic Portal Into His Brain

“What if there is a demonic spirit that accompanies the visual of the pornography? What if that opens up, what do they call it? A portal? A threshold? What if sitting there, watching that soft pornography dance across our TVs, what if there’s a spiritual component to that?

“What if there is something that comes out of my screen? What if there’s some waves? What if there is something that comes off of that video? What if there’s something, waves or some force that comes off of that?

“What do they call that stuff? Dopamine. What if that unleashes something in my brain? What if it’s like really and truly infecting me with a virus? What if it is really like that?” – Dave Daubenmire, who plans to sue the NFL, Pepsi, and the city of Miami over the Super Bowl halftime show.

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